1 April 2009

Latics and Bolton Wanderers to merge

In light of the recent spate of piss poor April-fools hoaxes, Paralatic have decided to unveil this golden nugget of truth amongst the shit.

The new team will play in pink shirts, embroidered with love-hearts and be re-named Maurice Lindsay's butt-munching pederasts F.C.

They will play on Aspull common, which has a capacity of three men and a jack russell.

Commenting on this development, Brenda Spencer said "What day is it? Where am I? Wibble"


andywigan said...

That's more like it!

Brucy Bonus said...

I actually like the idea of the red and white halves. It looked smart. Latics won't have the brains to use it as an away kit though.

Handsome Jimmy Bullard said...

I hate you all!

Hindleyite said...

So, like, Wigan will be playing themselves this weekend then? :)